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ITSF Ringe

Super Thin Grips


Perfect smooth grip level for professional players.
- The Thinnest overgrip in the world
- Nice tacky feel and good resistant
- Non Slippery
- Traction
A thinner overgrip is especially good for those who prefer to use overgrips but want to increase the grip diameter as little as possible.
2,50 €

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* Pflichtfelder

2,50 €


Size : 2.5cm x 110cm x 0.40mm with ITSF heatstamping logo 3 times on the grips.

A proper grip is important as it effects the player's speed and accuracy. Using grips on handles reduces risks of slipping and enable a loosely and firm hold, which is crucial to preserve speed and power.


Réf ITEM57
Fabricant Nein
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