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Beleuchtung für Tischfußball-Tische


Verlängerungskabel für Flutlicht

Lampe ITSF Floodlight Pure Sport


Floodlight ITSF Pure Sport :
- Optimal lighting without any shadowing or glaring
- Playing field and opponents are clearly visible
- Lamp does not heat up
- Attaches to any table
- Assembles with ease - requires no tools
- Ultra-slim, lightweight and foldable
- High value brushed stainless steel
- Long-lasting LED-technology
- Included in delivery : power cable + 2 magnets + adhesive tape and screws
- Optional : charging batteries (battery life >10h)

Technical specifications :
- Measurements : Length ~105cm, Weight ~500g
- Bulb : 120 LED, 12V, 10 Watt
129,00 €

Verfügbarkeit: Nicht auf Lager


The new official ITSF floodlight for foosball tables!

The Floodlight ITSF Pure Sport can be mounted: 1. straight - from goal to goal, 2. diagonally* - from corner to corner. If necessary, it can also be mounted anywhere in between. *Attaching it 2 diagonally provides the following advantages: - The goalkeeper has a clearer view of the “goal line” - Accessing the point scorer is easier

The Floodlight ITSF Pure Sport is attached using 2 high power magnets. The magnets are fixed on the “goal box” of the table. They can however also be attached at other points e.g. on the front wall of the table - special fixing materials is available for this.

Attaching the magnets - different methods available: 1. Attachment using adhesive tape. Advantage: easily detachable. Please note: you will have to wait 1h. 2. Attachment using screws. Advantage: very durable. 3. Attachment using Sugru. Advantage: strongly holds in place (can also be applied to oiled wood), can be detached. Please note: surface should be grease free, if possible. You will have to wait 24h. A closed Sugru package will last 6-12 months.

Warning about the high power(Neodym) Magnets: Handle with care! Otherwise you run the risk of trapping your fingers between the 2 magnets. Neodym Magnets can break, e.g. when they are dropped, when they slam together or when a metal screw is tightened too strongly. Do not keep hard disks, floppy disks etc. near the magnets, as the data could be erased off.


Réf ITEM55
Fabricant Nein

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