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  1. Tablet stand

    This tablet stand can hold up to 3 numeric tablets.
    39,00 €

  2. USA griff Bonzini

    USA Bonzini handle for tablesoccer. D = 35 mm / L = 99 mm / W = 90 gr
    11,00 €

  3. Leather glove ITSF

    White leather glove with the ITSF logo. To ensure better grip and control.
  4. Verlängerungskabel für Flutlicht

    Verlängert das Kabel vom Flutlicht - egal ob im Betrieb per Netzgerät (Steckdose) oder per Akku. Länge: 10 Meter.
    14,50 €

  5. Official referee badge

    Official badge displaying the level of the referee. Patch can be fixed with Velcro. 4 different badges: - regional - assistant - national - international
  6. Snake shot wrist wrap

    Elastic wrist band for snake shots/ rollovers. For a better control. Product: Blue self-adhesvive band. Easy to adjust. How to use: Cut the band according to the size of your wrist.You can use the band several times and cut several wraps out of one band. Dimension: 4.5 m x 5 cm
    3,00 €

  7. ITSF Floodlight Pure Sport

    Floodlight ITSF Pure Sport : - Optimal lighting without any shadowing or glaring - Playing field and opponents are clearly visible - Lamp does not heat up - Attaches to any table - Assembles with ease - requires no tools - Ultra-slim, lightweight and foldable - High value brushed stainless steel - Long-lasting LED-technology - Included in delivery : power cable + 2 magnets + adhesive tape and screws - Optional : charging batteries (battery life >10h) Technical specifications : - Measurements : Length ~105cm, Weight ~500g - Bulb : 120 LED, 12V, 10 Watt Product distributed by : Flix Germany GmbH : www.flix.eu
    119,00 €

  8. Super Thin Grips

    Perfect smooth grip level for professional players. - The Thinnest overgrip in the world - Nice tacky feel and good resistant - Non Slippery - Traction A thinner overgrip is especially good for those who prefer to use overgrips but want to increase the grip diameter as little as possible.
  9. Leonhart ITSF Ball

    Neu offiziell beglaubigter ITSF Ball von Leonhart! Dieser Ball erlaubt ein genaues und beispielloses Gefühl. Der ITSF leo_ball ist haltbar und äußerst ruhig. Fast jede Spieltechnik kann mit diesem Ball verbessert werden. DTFB und ITSF Turniere werden mit diesem Ball gespielt, es die erste wahl für fachmänner und ernsten gamers machend.
    2,90 €

  10. Roberto Sport ITSF Rollerball

    Der ITSF Ball von Roberto Sport für Rollerball.
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Artikel 1 bis 10 von 34 gesamt

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