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  1. Super Thin Grips

    Perfect smooth grip level for professional players. - The Thinnest overgrip in the world - Nice tacky feel and good resistant - Non Slippery - Traction A thinner overgrip is especially good for those who prefer to use overgrips but want to increase the grip diameter as little as possible.
  2. ITSF Ringe

    ITSF Gummiringe, um Ihre Griffbänder um Ihren Tischfußballgriff zu halten. Kann oft verwendet werden. Maße: 4 cm lang, 1,5 cm breit. Gummiring für Tischfußballgriff. Griffbänderhalter
  3. Grips

    Light and strong grips, perfectly adapted for all types of handles.
  4. Thick Rubber Grip 40cm

    This thick 40 cm rubber grip for foosball has been selected for its strength. You can cut it to the desired length to match your table soccer handles.
In absteigender Reihenfolge


4 Artikel

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