Just a few hours left before the European Champions League 2017 starts in Germany St. Wendel.

The schedule for the matches is as follows:

Women ECL: 

 Bears Berlin e.V. /seeded as titleholder/.


10:00 we play semi-final Sofia – Stuttgart

Results: Deutsch-Französische Tischfussball Tage 2017
Master Series – Bonzini
9-10 September. Ottweiler-Steinbach, Germany
Open Doubles

  1. Giuliano BENTIVOGLIO (BEL) - Thomas HAAS (DEU)
  2. Omar BENBAKIKA (FRA) - Franck MAHY (FRA)
  3. Sébastien MECKES (FRA) - Yannick CORREIA (LUX)

Women Doubles

Results: Seoul Open
Table: Fireball – Pro-tour
8-10 September – Seoul, South Korea
Open Doubles
1. Minyoung BAI (DEU) - Daniel YANG (KOR)
2. Tse-ming CHEN (TWN) - Ming-Xuan WU (TWN)
3. Ming fatt THONG (SGP) - Assaf BARINA (ISR)
Open Single
1. Ming-Xuan WU (TWN)
2. Gabil Khalid AHMED (SAU)

Results: Open Danish Championships
Table: Bonzini – Master Series.
1-2, September – Copenhaguen, Denmark.
Open Singles

  1. Sven WONSYLD (DNK)
  2. Tobias WALSØE (DNK)
  3. Troels TRIER (DNK)

Open Doubles

Tournament Results

Simmental Open 2017 – ITSF Masters
26-27 August – Switzerland, Därstetten
Garlando table
Open Doubles

Tournament Results

Pro Tour Delhi Multi-table Championship 2017 – ITSF Pro-tour – Multitable
26- 27 August – New Delhi, India
Open Singles

  1. Mohammad ARSHAD (IND)
  2. Mankeerat SINGH (IND)
  3. Mohit SINGH (IND)

Women Singles

Tournament Results
East Coast Regional 2017 - ITSF Pro Tour – Warrior Tables
25-27 August - United States, Beneberry, TN
Open Doubles

  2. Greg MENDEL (USA) - Eddie MUBARAK (USA)
  3. Bruce NARDOCI (USA) - Derek BROWN (USA)

Senior Doubles

Half a month is left until the European Champions League 2017 competition!
It will be held in Germany, St Wendel for both the Women and Men categories.
15 Men Teams and 3 Women teams from Europe will take part in this event in a race to win the European Title for the best Club on the continent.


One month left to the European Champions League 2017 - a team competition for both Men and Women Categories:
Men Format
Format: 6 players + 3 reserve
6 players are in a team and each of them will play 2 games of 5 balls (1 game on each table) in each set
Women Format
Format: 4 players + 3 reserve
4 players are in a team. 2 players in each set will play 2 games more (D2)
S1, S2 and D1, must be 4 different players. D2 is played by different players in 1st and 2 sets.
Main Rules

The ITSF Master Series will be held from 22 to 24 September 2017 in HanShan on the new ITSF Recognized Table GUARDIAN. Players from all over the world are invited to convince themselves of the table and the quality.

All participants can enjoy free catering twice a day, as well as a free tournament shirt as a souvenir for pre-registration until 10.09.2017.

100,000 RMB prize money, 8x GUARDIAN tables and valuable points for the ITSF World Ranking, are there for the players to win. If you want to be there too, sign up now!


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