Next week end, five countries will be hosting ITSF tournaments: Austria, Poland, India, Australia and Belgium.

Master Series:
Austria: Austrian National Championships. Information here.

Tournament results

Pro Tour Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu 2017
When? 14-15 October
Where? Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu, France
Which table? Bonzini
Open Doubles

  1. Adel YOUSFI (FRA) - Gaël LAGRANGE (FRA)
  2. Vahan BERBERIAN (FRA) - Steeve BARD (FRA)
  3. Sébastien MECKES (FRA) - Julien LEBECQ (FRA)

Junior Doubles

Tournament results

Romanian Bonzini Masters 2017
When? 14 – 15 October
Where? Bucharest, Romania
Which table? Bonzini
Open Doubles

  1. Stanislav GEORGIEV (BGR) - Ecaterina SARBULESCU (ROU)
  2. Giuliano BENTIVOGLIO (BEL) - Krasimir DIMITROV (BGR)
  3. Bogdan PANOIU (ROU) - Alexandru PREDA (ROU)

Women Doubles

Tournament results

Riga Foos JAM | 2017

Where? Riga, Latvia.

When? 13 – 15 October 2017

Which table? Garlando
Women Singles

  1. Sabine BROSE (DEU)
  2. Evgenya KOVGANKO (RUS)

Semi-Pro Doubles

A tournament accepted on the 2017 ITSF tour: Majeur Provincial Bonzini de Québec.
10- 12 November 2017
Table: Bonzini
Quebec, Canada
Information: here.

Three new tournaments were accepted on the 2017 and 2018 ITSF tour


The London Open 2017 Pro Tour on Garlando

Held in London, UK from December 1st to 3rd, 2017

Contact :

Web :

Haldenstein Masters 2018, Master Series on Garlando

Held in Haldenstein, Switzerland – from March 10 to 11th , 2018

Next week end Peru, United States, China and Italy will be hosting ITSF tournaments.
International Series
Peru: Copa America ITSF 2017 - Information here.
China: 2017 China Yihua Cup Table Soccer Open & China Junior Table Soccer Championships - Information here.
Master Series

Next weekend Turkey, Croatia, Slovakia and Netherlands will be hosting ITSF tournaments.
Master Series
Turkey: Turkey Leonhart Open 2017 - Information here.
Pro-tour Series
Croatia: Balkan Cup Croatia 2017 - Information here.

Next weekend Latvia, Romania and France will be hosting ITSF tournaments.
Master Series
Latvia: Riga Foos JAM 2017 - Information here.
Romania: Romanian Bonzini Masters - Information here.
Pro-tour Series
France: Pro Tour Saint-Aignan-de-Grandlieu 2017 - Information here.


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